Glossary of Terms


The number of pupils enrolled varies throughout the school year. Enrolment is reported as of September 30th of the academic year stated on the website. The school information is accurate to the best of our knowledge.

Administrative Units

Many schools in Nova Scotia have been consolidated into a single administrative unit. In the searchable version of the Directory, schools are displayed in alphabetical order, and are identified as belonging to an administrative unit where necessary. Refer to the administrative unit record for information on those schools. In the PDF version of the Directory, consolidated schools are shown with an '*' indented under the single administrative unit.

PLEASE NOTE: While every effort is taken to ensure the accuracy of information contained in the Nova Scotia Directory of Public Schools, errors and omissions do occur from time to time. As well, school information changes constantly throughout the school year.

Please use our secure online form to report any discrepancies in this information.